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creative online shopping platform

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Getting Started


Listing your products

Uploading your products, pricing and stock on hand is simple through our self-service seller portal


Publish your products

Your products are made available to thousands of Hart Mark customers to buy on Hart Mark online.


Login and view orders

When an order for your product is placed, the orders will be available to view and download on the portal


Run discounts and sales

Your online seller portal allows you to get creative with special offers, discounts and fire sales.


Ship with ease

Send your products to our secure pick and pack warehouse where we will then ship in our branded boxes to the client.


Start earning money!

Get paid online monthly after successful delivery.

Hart Mark Online Seller Portal

Manage your Products, Stock, Pricing and Orders using the Hart Mark Online Seller Portal online platform.

The Dashboard

A single view of your Sales, Orders and Performance.


Manage your Pricing and Specials in one place.

Your Account

Manage your seller account, payments and service level agreement.

Online training videos

To ease the process and make online fun!


Add, edit and manage your products efficiently.


Manage all your Orders from start to finish.


Comprehensive reporting on all aspects of your business.

What’s it all about

We’re bringing together like minded Sellers, across all of our categories, to create a Marketplace with thousands of creative products for customers to choose from.

The Hart Mark Marketplace is where third party Sellers are able to list and sell products. The Seller determines the selling price and Hart Mark Online facilitates the transaction between the Seller and the Hart Mark Online customer. retains a selling commission of the products which includes all courier fees, major retail marketing & other transactional costs! strives to be the largest, simplest, most customer centric creative online shopping destination in South Africa

Eligible Categories

Product Categories

Hart Mark Online is expanding it’s product categories, you can now sell your products across more than 100 categories on We only allow listings for new products. Some categories have additional guidelines that sellers must follow. If you feel your products are unique and creative, then this platform is ideal for you.

Requiring Approval

All products in all categories require approval and can be listed only with specific permissions from Hart Mark Online. Hart Mark Online limits access to what can be sold in these categories to help ensure that sellers meet standards for product and listing quality as well as other category-specific requirements. These standards help Hart Mark Online customers have confidence when buying in any category.

Already know which products you want to sell?

Register and find your product categories in the seller portal and review any category-specific requirements or guidelines, be sure you can meet those specifications that are required for listing.

How to Request Approval

Simply register and follow the listing requirements step by step process. You will receive an email response in approximately 3 business days letting you know whether you’ve been approved to sell or requesting additional information.

Marketplace Pricing Structure

You decide the selling price of your products. retains a selling commission on successful orders. You get paid within 30 days from date of delivery. We have one payment run at the end of each calendar month.

Settlement amount

The amount payable to you. Paid within 30 days of successful delivery

Order item value

Selling price paid by customer less the commission (courier fees, major marketing and transactional fees included)

Marketplace fee commission calculated as a percentage of order item value. R250 per month seller portal fee.

The Way We Do Shipping

Suppliers send their products securely to the Hart Mark building warehouse, whereby your products are carefully captured on the system, alphabetically labeled and securely placed for picking and packing process. repack products to the customer in branded packaging which includes additional fragile labels.

Want to sell your products online?

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