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Fragrance Heaven Kempton – Ladies Fragrances


5.0 (7 reviews)
  • 50ml Bottles
  • 56 Ladies & 26 Mens Fragrances available to you here
  • Carefully selected from a total of more than 200 fragrances
  • Made from imported oils
  • Oil based, no water added
  • Bottled in a factory under regulated conditions to get that perfect fragrance
  • Agents Wanted
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Additional information

Ladies Fragrances

L10 Similar to: TOMMY GIRL – TOMMY HILFIGER, L14 Similar to: LEAU D ISSEY – ISSEY MIYAKE, L17 Similar to: AROMATICS ELIXIR – CLINIQUE, L20 Similar to: DKNY ORIGINAL, L23 Similar to: PANACHE – LENTHERIC, L26 Similar to: HYPNOTIC POISON – CHRISTIAN DIOR, L30 Similar to: KNOWING – ESTEE LAUDER, L31 Similar to: RUSH – GUCCI, L32 Similar to: BE DELICIOUS GREEN APPLE – DKNY, L36 Similar to: OLYMPEA – PACO RABANNE, L38 Similar to: J DORE – CHRISTIAN DIOR, L39 Similar to: OPIUM – YAVES SAINT LAURENT, L40 Similar to: FANTASY – BRITNEY SPEARS, L45 Similar to: PLEASURES – ESTEE LAUDER, L47 Similar to: CLINIQUE HAPPY – CLINIQUE, L50 Similar to: RED DOOR – ELIZABETH ARDEN, L51 Similar to: ALIEN – THIERRY MUGLER, L53 Similar to: NARCISO RODRIGUES – CHLOE, L55 Similar to: L AMOUREUX 6 – DOLCE & GABBANA, L70 Similar to: THE ONE – DOLCE & GABBANA, L71 Similar to: OPIUM BLACK – YAVES SAINT LAURENT, L73 Similar to: COPPELIA – AVROY SHLAIN, L76 Similar to: COCO MADEMOISELLE – CHANEL, L77 Similar to: SI – GIORGIO ARMANI, L82 Similar to: YOUTH DEW – ESTEE LAUDER, L86 Similar to: FAR AWAY – AVON, L87 Similar to: OUR MOMENT – ONE DIRECTION, L101 Similar to: PURE – DKNY, L106 Similar to: LADY MILION – PACO RABANNA, L107 Similar to: GUILTY – GUCCI, L129 Similar to: COCO – CHANEL, L132 Similar to: ELLIE SAAB ORIGINAL, L141 Similar to: BRIGHT CRYSTAL – VERSACE, L142 Similar to: JIMMY CHOO ORIGINAL, L159 Similar to: GOOD GIRL – CAROLINA HERRERA, L163 Similar to: BE ELECTRIC LOVING, L174 Similar to: 212 VIP ROSE – CAROLINA HERRERA, L179 Similar to: EROS – VERSACE, L193 Similar to: CITY BLOSSOM EMPIRE – DKNY, L196 Similar to: MODERN MUSE – LE ROGUE, L198 Similar to: BE TEMPTED – DKNY, L218 Similar to: BLACK ORCHID – TOM FORD, L220 Similar to: J.S. – AVROY SHLAIN, L224 Similar to: SI INTENSE – GIORGIO ARMANI, L225 Similar to: SPELLBOUND – ESTEE LAUDER, L227 Similar to: WHITE TEA – ELIZABETH ARDEN, L1 Similar to: ANAIS ANAIS, L2 Similar to: ANGEL, L3 Similar to: WHITE DIAMONDS, L4 Similar to: LIGHT BLUE – DOLCE & GABBANA, L6 Similar to: CHANEL NO5, L9 Similar to: POISON – CHRISTIAN DIOR, L15 Similar to: BEAUTIFUL – ESTEE LAUDER, L79 Similar to: TABU – DANNA

7 reviews for Fragrance Heaven Kempton – Ladies Fragrances

  1. Martina Newman

    These fragrances are phenomenal, just like the originals!

  2. Lizette Engelbrecht

    Great fragrances! They are long lasting and very affordable! I can’t tell the difference to the original fragrance and as they are so affordable I like wearing it on a daily basis.

  3. Tanya

    Very impressed with these fragrances. 😃 Highly recommended.


    Nicolien always goes the extra mile for her customers. Awesome fragrance and awesome service with a smile🤗👍thanks

  5. Amy Kleinhans

    Amazing fragrances and best quality!

  6. Miranda Swanepoel

    Amazing fragrances and such good quality, last forever!

  7. Maryna

    Love these fragrance, amazing quality that’s lasts with an affordable price tag.

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