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Exhibitors need to complete an application form together with a complete stock list and email both signed forms together with pictures of the products they wish to sell at Hart Mark to bookings@hartmark.co.za. You may complete the form online or download a PDF version of the Hart Mark Application Form.

On approval of an exhibitor, the deposit needs to be paid immediately to secure the stand/s.

Bar-codes will be printed according to the stock list provided to Hart Mark. Barcodes will be available on the day of Delivery or on day of Display

Products needs to be delivered to Hart Mark. Our Dedicated team will unpack and display on the Exhibitors behalf at a cost of R250 per supplier. Suppliers are also more than welcome to do the display by themselves. Please make sure that a sufficient display will be done.
Exhibitors don’t have to be present at the market as we operate on a complete self-help , modernized electronic system. Our system is “Live” that enables you to view your sales on a daily basis. Login details will be provided once Exhibitors details was loaded on the system.
Please make sure you provide sufficient stock to ensure that your stall will always look full and interesting, excess stock will be stored under your stall table and our floor staff will replace your products as your table empties. If the need arises, you will need to courier more stock and our staff will unpack it for you.
Hart Mark: 08h30 – 18h00 (Monday – Sunday)
25 December – Closed
All sections of the application form, including banking details and the indemnity, must be completed and signed. Attached to the application form is a Product Selection Form, on which all the product details must be given. The supply of bar code labels and other arrangements will follow upon approval communication.
Hart Mark reserves the right to determine the quality and uniqueness of all products presented for exhibition at the Market. Hart Mark’ aim is quality, originality, exclusivity and professionalism. To make sure that these principles are adhered to, all exhibitors’ products are subject to pre-selection which will be done by the organisers.

Procedures that will be followed for pre-selection of products:

The product should be exclusive and preferably hand crafted.
Each product must have a product name, price and the quantity specified on the product form.
You will not be allowed to change any prices of products submitted on the product form.
Bar codes will be allocated to all products through our automated bar code system

stalls consist of a standard event table size, dimensions [1.9m x 0.8m] table cloths will not be provided. Please supply a table cloth according to your theme. An entire decorative theme will flow throughout the event from the display tables, alley ways to the roof.
Exhibitors need to bring/courier their own display equipment should the need be, provided they fit into the approved display area.
Exhibitors are required to set up their own displays. The organising committee will unpack, display and pack up stalls on behalf of exhibitors if prior arrangement has been made at a R250 charge per exhibitor. The organising committee will maintain the displays, unless exhibitors have indicated by prior arrangement that they wish to do this themselves, although this will not qualify them for reduced commission. Please make sure that your display consist of not only a table. A beautiful display means lots of sales. Please bring us display shelves to add to your table
Product storage will be securely stowed beneath the exhibition tables. Exhibitors must however have additional products available that can be delivered at short notice if Hart Mark notifies you that your stock levels are low. Only exhibitors who can ensure enough products will be considered for approval.

• R550 per display space (indoor display space – exhibitor doesn’t have to be present at the market)
Registration fee OF R250 per display space is payable upon approval of your application into the following account with your business name as reference number:
Hart Mark banking details
Capitec Bank SA
Account Type: Savings
Account holder: Hart Mark
Account number: 1354168044
Branch code: 470010
Reference: Your business name as stipulated on your application form


A non-negotiable commission of 25% on your total sales will be charged as standard throughout most markets in SA. Products must be priced to include the commission.
A modernised bar coded product sales system will be used.
Exhibitors will be provided with bar codes for each product.
The first 200 bar code labels are included in the registration fee. Additional bar code labels can be provided at a charge of 10c per label. These costs will be deducted from your monthly sales due to you at the end of every month. Additional labels can also be provided if more labels are required There will be a sufficient till point at the exit. All payments will be done at this point. Exhibitors will therefore not collect payment and do not need to attend their displays during the market. Exhibitors will be paid by bank transfer AFTER THE EVENT. Please note that NO cash will be paid out to any exhibitor during the sales months. Please note: The organisers of Hart Mark act only as the facilitator and are not responsible for any tax obligations on the part of the exhibitor.

Exhibitors will be paid by bank transfer after each month on or before 7th of each month.


Security will include an alarm system with a response unit, 24-hour security guards and roaming plain clothed security personnel. Never the less, exhibitors display their products at their own risk. The Hart Mark organisers will be indemnified against claims caused by injuries, theft, shortages, damages or force majeure. Hart Mark will not accept any liability for any loss or damage to the property, including but not limited to the products of the Exhibitor from any cause whatsoever. Hart Mark will ensure its utmost best to prevent any pilferage and damage.

Hart Mark has an extensive marketing budget and actively advertise on all Major Media Platforms which includes an aggressive regular Marketing compaign which includes Natuional Newspapers, radio, street poles Adverts and Online Social Media

Secured Exhibitor Registration Form

Please complete the form below, providing as much detail as possible. You may also download a PDF version of the form to complete, scan and email from your desktop computer.

Please right click here and click on “Save link as” to save the file to your computer

This Electronic form shall be treated as though it had been signed by me personally

5 + 4 =

UNTIL THIS AUTHORITY IS CANCELLED BY ME IN WRITING. I confirm that I shall have no claim of whatever nature against HARTMARK, or the Bank or in the event of the Bank’s inadvertent failure to make payment on the due date or otherwise to comply with the provisions thereof. I hereby acknowledge that the above statement and information is correct and true.

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